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I have a question for gay men about docking.?
I don't understand how it works - if the male with the extra skin was hard too then does it still work? Or does he have to be "limp" at the moment?
it can only really work when both men have foreskins, as well as both having reasonably long ones which cover the glans, even when erect.
Is docking an event at the Gay Games?…
No contrary to what you may believe, the gay games an event based on goodwill and a positive display of unity between members of the LGBT community, as well as the rest of society. It's a cultural event, designated to promote harmony and sportsmanship. Not an excuse for anonymous sex, I'm terribly sorry to disappoint you. If you are looking for some sort of orgy to poke fun at or secretly participate in I'm sure you can find a number of clubs ans tea rooms in the Alternatives section of your local free weekly newspaper. That's assuming that people are literate in whatever backwoods redneck infested crap hole you inhabit. I'm sure that many of the local hate mongers have a secret shame that involves them looking like they have hair conditioner on their faces.

Good day!!!
Gay males what is docking?
what the heck is that?
i just leaned what scissoring was last year people give me a break
Go to, Dearest.
just enter your search word and go from there. It'll help you and then you can enjoy hours of browsing fun with words I didn't even realise existed.... and I'm a Matronly Lesbian. Hope this helped.
What, y'all aren't into cokc-docking?
Now, why in the WORLD would my answer about two gay guys cokc-docking get TDs?

Homophobia? Or sexaphobia?

BQ - Do you feed your guys frozen chicken nuggets (like, after you nuke 'em or whatever)?
I didn't know what it is, I googled it. Holy crap.

BQ no I don't, I'm not convinced that stuff is even chicken
Help? My Mum just confessed to me that she is NOT Gay! What do I do, this is terrible!?
I cannot say how deeply terrifying and dissapointing this is. We are a Gay family and we live in a Gay community. We have a Gay TV and listen to Gay music, we read Gay magazines. The word ''h**mop**be'' or ''ANTI-gay'' is considered as swearing in our community.
What should I do? I love my Gay Mother and my Gay Father and my Gay bedroom with my Gay iPod docking system...I don't wanna lose my Gay things :(
Unless your mother's name is "Gay", I don't understand why you are capitalizing it.
Q: Why did the gay man get a job at the loading dock?
if you answer wrong you are NOT GAY! gay is the new cool.
cus it rhymes with c0ck
What is Docking in sexual terms?
My freind (who is gay) asked me what dockingmeans but i said i have no idea so i i was looking to find a site that someone might be able to tell me. i have no idea plz help.
The delicious act of two men rubbing the heads of their ***** together, with one of the men's foreskin being stretched over the head of his partner's dick. Add a little leakage (precum) from one (or both of their *****), mutual excitement, rubbing, grinding, heavy breathing and the result is a mind-blowing orgasm for both men.
Alone in their personal sauna at home, Josh and Wayne glued their ***** together with a little skin and spooge and made love to each other's cock all night long...ahhh the joys of docking.
Where do I go in Cincinnati to meet other gay people?
Other than the DOCK.
There are several bars in Northside. Try The Comet or Bullfishes.

You could also go to Hamburger Mary's for dinner...downtown. Good food and service. Friendly employees.

Have fun!
Gay relationship, getting bored - looking for new gay friends/open relationship?
Hi People

I've been in a relationship with my partner for 3.5 years, and I have a feeling that I need a change.

The reasons are my partner is very boring, working all day and night, very passive (in conversation), and if he has spare time, he would rather spend it in bed sleeping! I sound like I loathe him or something. But no.

So, lately I've been looking for friends at matchmaker website, and found couple of people, we made friends etcs. It was fun, not until I realised that they want more out of me! I advertised myself as single (d'oh). There was one occasion when I met a nice guy (I liked him, there was a chem bubbling), and we hugged, kissed etcs, but not sex. He even asked me to go as his guest to his friends bday party (who notably a drag queen!), but I said if I can get back to him again.

When I came back home that night, I discussed with my partner that I got invited to a b'day party by a gay friend. He said it's all up to me - and I was brave enough to ask him if he's okay for us to have an open relationship! His opinion is open relation isn't something normal people do, he reckoned that we are monogamists. He advised that if I would prefer to speak to a councellor!

Then thought that I really want to go ahead with this guy by telling him that I'm attached and see if he's still willing to be my friend!! And he was so disappointed, and never answer my call or anything anymore since then. I regretted what I did, very careless!

I don't have the courage to break up with my partners, but at a same time, I was so bored with the relationship. I am 28 y.o and my partner is 41 y.o. I have a good job, I bought an apartment but I live with my partner (lots cheaper rent). I want to see some other gorgeous guys out there. I never been to a place where all gay people dock in and mingle. I want to see more of it before I'm much older.

What do you guys think I should do?

Are you married or have you made solemn promises? If so, getting other friends you both can enjoy might be the best option.

But I'm worried that you find him so dreadfully boring, and that he won't even hold a decent conversation.

If that is because of his work, he and you need to have a talk about the job. Can he work less hours? Do you really depend on that income? Are there ways to cut back on your expenses -- only one car, or less luxuries, or a smaller place to live in? Because all this time being separate is *killing* your relationship. No job is worth that.

If he really thinks the job is worth more, then please don't let yourself be suffocated. Break up and explore and get to know more guys. Look for a mate who is more compatible and puts you ahead of the office.

"I don't have the courage to break up with my partner" -- why not?

Listen, if you are partners, that is with the understanding that you both nurture and care for each other. If he *will* not do that, he is not truly being a partner, and you have the right to look elsewhere.

If you break up, keep in mind that the clubbing scene lasts only so long in life, and there are other values than dancing, making out and sex. Keep one eye open for a guy of quality and commitment.

But I'm really bothered by the idea that you are withering away and your partner doesn't seem to think he has any part in that. Well -- he is wrong. If there is counseling, it should be for *both* of you as a couple.

Anyway, see if he will work less hours and spend more time with you, and get out and party with you so you don't die of boredom. If he refuses to see he is part of the problem and will not modify his habits when you ask him -- then please save your life by getting out of there and looking for someone who will love and cherish you the way you need it to be.
What is cock-docking?
Ok, so I was talking with one of my friends and he made a joke about me being uncircumsized when he saw me in the showers, and said something about I'm gay (jokingly) and he made a comment that I'm so gay I probably cock-dock. What is cock-docking? I don't want to search for it on my computer because I don't know what will happen.
When two guys rub their penises together. At least one of them has to be uncut because one penis would go into the other's foreskin. It's a popular fetish in gay porn.

Hey, you asked!

By the way, only someone who is gay or bi-curious would even know that so if your "friend" knew about that and was clowning you about it, you can easily turn that around on him. No not every guy who thinks about this is automatically gay, but most probably are.

By the way, I have foreskin too and no I've never docked before. And if I did, I wouldn't tell anyone about it!

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